Colorado Stormwater Center

The Colorado Stormwater Center seeks to advance stormwater management across Colorado by conducting practical research and providing education and training opportunities.

The Colorado Stormwater Center provides education, performs training and conducts research with the goal of maintaining and improving the health of lakes, rivers and streams through proper stormwater management.


  • Urban Hydrology
  • Best Management Practices
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Co-benefits / Life Cycle Assessment



  • The Community-enabled Life-cycle Analysis of Stormwater Infrastructure Cost (CLASIC) is an EPA sponsored project to the Water Research Foundation (WRF) that is developing an online tool to investigate the lifecycle cost of various stormwater practices at the large neighborhood, community, or city-wide scale.
  • City of Fort Collins WTR Study – A project with the City of Fort Collins to evaluate the effectiveness of water treatment residuals for phosphorus sorption through the use as an amendment to bioretention media. (eventually link to stormwater center page)
  • Winter Road Deicing Impact Study – A project with the City of Fort Collins and Colorado Stormwater Council to evaluate the impacts of chloride deicers on urban water bodies in terms of immediate and long-term quality concerns.
  • Low Impact Development:Barriers Study – A survey and interview effort across Colorado to evaluate the prominent barriers that are prohibiting policy and use of low impact development (LID) technologies and seeking ways to overcome those barriers.


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